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Plus Server

Downloading Plus

In order to be able to use plus with Optitrak, Ultrasound and Electromagnetic tracker we need this version: PlusApp-

Installing plus

  • The package is not digitally signed so Windows SmartScreen will show a warning when trying to install.
  • The installation does not require additional steps.
  • It will be installed in the user's root folder

Connecting PLUS with Optitrack

  1. Start Plus Server version 2.8 Telemed
  2. Choose the folder where you have the motiva project, the models and the config file
  3. If the path has spanish accents, it might not work
  4. After choosing the folder, your config file should appear in the list
  5. Click launch server with Motive running.



  1. Check output information
  2. Check error console (Click on RED DOT on the buttom right of the page)
  3. Check log file → located in Plus installation directory → Data
  4. Logging is by default set to info. If you need more information logged, you can choose the Trace logging option from Plus Interface. You must relaunch the server after changing this setting.

Common errors

Q: Plus Error: Cannot read configuration file

A: Check that the path does not contain any special characters, like accents for example

Q: Plus Error: Cannot connect to motive. Set AttachToRunningMotive=false or make sure Motive is running and streaming is enabled

A: Streaming is probably not enabled in Motive. Go to View→Data streaming → Check the Broadcast checkbox

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