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Plus on the Network

  • Purpose of these instruction is to access Plus Server running on one computer from all other computers on the same Network
  • one computer will act as server, and all others will be clients


  • Plus must be installed on the server. Installation steps can be found here.
  • All devices (Ultrasound, Optical tracker, Electromagnetic tracker) have to be connected to the server and properly configured
  • Server and Clients have to be connected to the same Network. It does not matter if wired or wireless.
  • If you are not familiar with connecting 3D Slicer to Plus Server via OpenIGTLink, check this page

Hint! Networks like eduroam will not work.


  1. Plus Server Broadcast by default on the Network. IPs and ports it listens to are shown in the output console
  2. It is better to connect to the server actual IP Address. You can find out the IP by opening a Command Prompt on the server and running the command ipconfig
  3. Ajust Hostname and port in 3D Slicer, OpenIGTLink Module, on every client. Note the default address is localhost. Change it to the previously found out IP


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